The Golden Era of Bodybuilding

The Golden Era of bodybuilding typically refers to the 50’s-70’s when bodybuilding was at its peak. It had included bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Frank Zane, who were mainly focused on the practice of enhancing the physique through exercise while prioritizing muscle growth and tone. We are proudly inspired by those timeless physiques and want to be the main provider of gear to ensure you as well can reach those heights.

Classic Bodybuilding has always been a passion here at #TeamMEAT. Being founded and operated directly out of Los Angeles, near Muscle Beach itself. From it’s insane popularity raging on throughout the 1900’s and gaining its worldwide fame by being home to the first popular outdoor fitness center for all; we could not help ourselves from wanting to make sure everyone has an experience of that. We want to keep that classic style intact by honing in on those roots. Bodybuilding is and always will be at the hearts of many, so we want to embody that culture by providing designs and sportswear tailored to fit that aesthetic.

We do not want people to see us as just another sportswear brand, rather we want to be known as The sportswear brand for bodybuilding. From our Classic Stringers, which are made to provide all the comfort while still having an old school look for the style. Along with our Squatting Shorts, which help make leg days that much easier by allowing maximum range of motion for those extra heavy squats to receive as much depth as possible. We think about our products with the hopes they bring out the bodybuilder in you. With the old school look and quality fabric, it is classic style bodybuilding reimagined into a company who really cares about the potential in everyone. Strength comes from within and MEAT SPORTSCLUB is only here to help bring it out.

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