New Logo: A Tribute to Classic Bodybuilding Culture

It's time for us at MEAT SPORTSCLUB to officially announce our newly designed logo. We have taken inspiration from athletic club logos in the 80’s and put a refreshing spin on them to help create what we have here. With that being said we’re hoping to achieve a feel of the old aesthetics and put new life into the idea with our modern day design. The tiger helps represent ambition, courage, self-confidence and our commitment to helping others, while the bear symbolizes where we’ve come from. A reminder to people and for us of where it all started. We wouldn’t be anywhere without the history or the current culture of this Golden State. We pay homage to it with this new design and hope when you put this logo on it carries the same weight for you as it does for us. Deciding to introduce this new design is a big deal for us  as it helps show off our continuing commitment to becoming a home for all bodybuilders out there.

To make sure you’re not missing out on any new information follow us on our social media to stay updated on all things #TeamMEAT.

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