Why Protein? Benefits and Reasons for Protein

Plenty of times you might hear people talking about protein whether in the gym or in the kitchen. If you find yourself lost and not understanding a single thing about it then you’ve found the right article. #TeamMEAT is here to give you a detailed explanation as to why protein is talked about so much and how it could be of benefit to you and your fitness/health journey.

What is Protein?
Let’s start off with the basic understanding of what it is. Protein is actually something that is already found throughout the body. Located in muscle, bone, hair, skin and virtually every other body part or tissue. Most importantly, it’s the building blocks for your muscles. Therefore, intaking ample amounts of protein helps you maintain your muscle mass and promotes muscle growth when you’re strength training.

Numerous studies show that intaking plenty of protein can help increase muscle mass and strength. If you’re active, lifting weights, and trying to put on some muscle, you need to make sure you’re getting enough protein. Also to the opposite end of that, having a high protein intake can help prevent muscle loss during weight loss. It’s perfect for recovery as well since it’s the main building block of your tissues and organs so it’ll help with any of those needs. Eating more protein after injury can help speed up recovery so make sure to remember that.

How much do you need?
A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is you need roughly 10% to 35% of your calories to come in protein. Say you need an average of 3,200 calories a day for maintenance then your calories from protein should be around 320-1,120. Simple math like that can take you a long way on your journey. So just keep things like this in your head and you’ll make leaps of progress toward your bigger weight or strength goals.

Forms of Protein
Just to make it known as well there are a few different kinds of powders you're able to get your hands on as supplements too. Just a quick rundown for you guys on what those powders are: protein concentrates, protein isolates, and protein hydrolysates. Concentrates supply 60-80% proteins, isolates contain about 90-95% protein, and hydrolysates are similar to isolates, but are absorbed more quickly by your body and muscles.

Do you need it?
Bottom line for protein is already knowing your intake with the food you eat right now. Paying attention to whether you can add it from food you’re eating or adding it through protein powders. Either is a good enough way, but if you can arrange to include it in your diet might as well continue with that. Either way you’re not losing anything, maybe if you’re not intaking any protein at all then that’s an issue. Protein is essential when trying to lose fat and gain muscle. So if you're trying to do either, make sure you keep in mind what you’re eating or get you some protein powder!

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