What are Squatting Shorts?

Squatting is an essential exercise for building strong lower body muscles. It targets the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves. Unfortunately, many people experience discomfort while squatting, especially if they're not wearing the right kind of shorts.

That's why we invented the Squatting Shorts – they are a game-changer for your workout routine. Our shorts are designed specifically to help you squat with ease and comfort so you can focus on perfecting your form and building those muscles.

1 Fabrics: One of the standout features of our squatting shorts is the fabric. It's incredibly stretchy and won't restrict your movements or cause discomfort. We make sure to test the material in our factories beforehand, so you can trust that it will hold up to your workouts.

2 Side Slits: We added slits on the sides. This design allows for better range of motion and ensures that the shorts won't ride up or bunch during your squat. Additionally, we've included a zipper pocket that's just the right size for your phone, no more cracked screens from dropping your phone during a squat!

3 Strings: We know how important it is to feel secure during your workout, so we've added a string outside the shorts for extra security. The elastic waistband is also designed to fit your body comfortably. Compared to other shorts on the market, our waistband is much thinner, so you won't feel any extra bulk while squatting.

4 Fit: What really sets our squatting shorts apart is the fit. They're form-fitting, so you won't have to worry about excess fabric getting in the way or restricting your movement. The inseam is just the right length – not too short that you feel like you're wearing underwear, but not so long that they'll interfere with your workout.

If you're serious about your squats, you need a pair of squatting shorts that will support your efforts. Our squatting shorts are designed to make your workouts more comfortable and effective, so you can get the most out of your squats. Trust us, your glutes will thank you.

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