MEAT® inspired by classic bodybuilding and men's physical prowess

Operated by MH Design Group, LLC in Southern California. MEAT® SPORTSCLUB manages to challenge the attitudes towards bodybuilding apparel and accessories.

The brand MEAT, an abbreviation for Men's Exercise And Training, is designed by a group of bodybuilders in California who want provocative and high-quality workout clothes to wear both on the field or in the gym. Each item is deliberately made with our customers in mind. This is why MEAT is an encompassing brand that seeks to make designs that are simultaneously comfortable and made to be put to the test.

Be provocative and proud of that pump!


We select designs that encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. We work with designers and professional bodybuilders to give the most unusual and unconventional products that bring out the bodybuilder in you. Be proud of your gear and be proud to lift!


The brand is not marketed for a limited group of people. We want to include everyone irrespective of age, body shape, or fitness level. You can wear your gear whenever you are training and no matter the task. We help everybody to feel confident about themselves, show off their individuality and celebrate their uniqueness. 


If you want to know more about MEAT and its beginning, click here to read the story from our founder John.