New Logo: A Homage to Classic Bodybuilding

With the rollout of our new sportswear items we’ve seen an overwhelming support from many new customers. So much so that we’ve incorporated a new logo that will bring in even more designs for our products; enough that every person will have something for their liking.


Our new logo introduces a classic design that reminisces on the Golden Era of bodybuilding. Simple bold text surrounding a squatter who breaks the mold around him. The same way he does that is exactly how we envision MEAT® SPORTSCLUB to motivate and help everyone bring out the bodybuilder inside.


MEAT, having always stood for Men’s Exercise and Training, is as prevalent as ever in the sports scene, so if anything now it’s the time to see for yourself. Don’t forget to keep up with our social media to make sure you don’t miss out on these deals while supplies last.

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