Top 6 Hardcore Bodybuilding Gyms in SoCal

There is no better feeling than putting on the gear that is tailored for heavy weight lifting and working out at a local training powerhouse. We #TeamMEAT are based in Los Angeles, the heart of prime hardcore gym culture. That is why we are selecting and recommending six of the best hardcore bodybuilding gyms located in SoCal area.


Gold’s Gym Venice, CA
As we all should know by now it is the mecca of bodybuilding. There’s no other place needed to start your fitness journey other than here or stop by just to say you’ve been. Starting up in 1965 right in Venice. With its rich history for bodybuilding and attractiveness to lifters all around the world, this is one of the best stops for anyone looking for a pump. Making a pit stop as a tourist or signing up for a membership as a resident in the area is a must. This takes the top spot for far too many reasons to list.


Metroflex Gym Long Beach, CA
If you’re looking for hardcore look no further. As a gym starting up in Arlington, Texas during the 80’s, it has gotten notoriety as one of the gyms to be at for real training. You don’t come here to play around or drink your smoothies at the bar area, but to get some real lifting in. Branching out to just a few areas around the country, we’ve luckily gotten the chance to have one placed right in Long Beach. So if you’re in the area and need to get right to the lifting, no extras, this is your place.


Dave Fisher’s Powerhouse Gym Torrance, CA
Not as old as the other gyms before this list, but started up in 2010 by Dave Fisher we get the ‘Dave Fisher’s Powerhouse Gym’. Based in Torrance we get not a huge gym, but one that takes care of the people in it and knows when you’re in there it’s go time. A no nonsense gym with all kinds of people regardless of the level of your fitness journey, you’re welcome to train your butt off here. Take a look at this gym if presented the chance, you won’t be sorry.


Zoo Culture Los Angeles, CA 
Even with Zoo Culture being the newest gym on the list it doesn’t hold back. Started up by Bradley Martyn in 2017, Zoo Culture isn’t your typical gym; it “challenges the “hoodie-up” lifestyle” and builds a strong community for their members. From content creators to decorated athletes and coaches it’s like no other for lifting. Home of the ORIGIN supplements it brings in people from all walks of life who know the brand. Stop by with a day pass or a monthly membership to try it out for yourself.


Stern’s Gym Inc. San Diego, CA
The second oldest gym on this list is Stern’s. Based right in the heart of San Diego. A second story gym and old fashioned, but it does the trick. With no key cards or online signing in, just a clipboard sign-in sheet and your workout. With no AC, just electric fans you can get a real sweat going like no other gym allows you to get. Power through a lift with the amenities provided, or stop by their front desk and ask for a certified trainer who is able to help. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it and that’s exactly what you get here. Simple is good.


Coast Fitness South Bay Hawthorne, CA
The only 24 hour gym on this list, but it’s all the more reason why it makes it here and is located right in Hawthorne. Not all people are living the same lives and have the same schedule so you’re able to benefit from going at all times of the day. With great gym equipment, a nice floor plan, an outside area for field work, large locker rooms, and a private women’s training area, you have to visit. If you have a busy life and just need to go at any time you have a chance, give them a visit.

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