The Founding of MEAT

I'm Jon Barton, co-founder of the sportswear brand MEAT, and this is our story. Growing up immersed in the American hardcore fitness lifestyle, I trained at various legendary gyms in California. I've always preferred the raw, intense environment of bare-bones gyms over commercial chains, thriving on the heavy weights and serious lifting culture.

In 2017, I joined forces with some like-minded friends to create simple gym accessories for our community. What started as a small project quickly gained momentum, leading to the birth of MEAT SPORTSCLUB. Named after my nickname, MEAT was initially focused on providing comfort and performance-enhancing gear for our fellow gym-goers. As the brand grew in popularity, we realized we had tapped into a larger need within the fitness community.

Everything changed in early 2020 when our beloved independent gym closed its doors for good. This loss hit us hard and underscored the decline of hardcore bodybuilding environments. Inspired by the Golden Era of Bodybuilding, epitomized by the legends, we decided to transform MEAT into a full-fledged sportswear brand. Our mission became clear: to preserve and promote the hardcore bodybuilding spirit using modern means while honoring traditional values.

Today, MEAT stands for Men’s Exercise and Training, embodying straightforward and powerful design principles. Our gear is crafted to support intense fitness regimes while showcasing physiques. We collaborate with independent gyms and fitness athletes to spread the essence of American bodybuilding. MEAT is more than just a brand; it's a culture that inspires and connects people, pushing them to their limits. MEAT, BE PROVOCATIVE.