MEAT UNDERWEAR: Together We Fight Against Animal Cruelty


Earlier this year, MEAT UNDERWEAR added quotation marks around classic waistband design of MEAT and PRIME BEEF and called it the Quotation Collection. This act symbolized our dedication to raising awareness of animal cruelty. A portion of the proceeds from this collection will be donated to animal protection organizations by the end of the year. Here are our answers to some of frequently asked questions.


1. What is behind the inspiration for adding the quotation marks?

We got the idea of adding quotation marks from a Bloomberg’s article* discussing the difference between MEAT and “MEAT”. The term “MEAT” (with quotation marks) are used to refer to cruelty-free man-made meat sources. As our brand followers would know, both the words MEAT and PRIME BEEF are important parts of our signature provocative designs. As a brand with social responsibility, we are strongly against animals being raised in cruel conditions. So, we take the chance and made this small twist to our designs to convey the message. We want to use our brand influence to educate more people on this matter. (*Bloomberg Businessweek, January 24, 2019)


2. How will this collection help to stop animal cruelties?

We added sections on our website educating about animal cruelties. Also, a portion of the proceeds from this Quotation Collection will be donated to organizations and local animal shelters to help animals being raised under cruel conditions.


3. How has the market responded to the Quotation Collection?

Some designs from the Quotation Collection have become our best sellers. At the same time, many collaborated influencers voluntarily mention our animal cruelty awareness campaign when they help us advertise on social medias. In the past few months, we also get a lot of emails directly from our customers expressing how much they appreciate what we did with the collection.


4. How do you explain your slogan “BE PROVOCATIVE, BE INCLUSIVE”?

 BE PROVOCATIVE is an attitude. MEAT UNDERWEAR is a brand full of provocative ideas and fun designs. The Quotation Collection is a great example. We like designs that are different and can help our customers to stand out. BE INCLUSIVE is what we truly believe. MEAT UNDERWEAR is a brand for all people regardless of their body shapes or sexual preferences. We believe everybody should always be proud of who they are and never afraid to show off their true selves.


5. What will MEAT UNDERWEAR do next to keep the brand unique?

We will always challenge ourselves and keep coming out with greater and better designs. With our platform, we want to continuously address on social issues we deeply care about. In the future, we also will collaborate with artists and organizations for new products and new campaigns to express our provocativeness and inclusiveness. So, stay tuned!


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